Score on Sunday – The Cinematic Orchestra – Arrival of the Birds and Transformation

score on sunday

Happy 2015 and welcome to our new blog “Score on Sunday”. We have been away for quite a while and it was an incredibly busy 2014 and sadly we didn’t have time to bring you our normal three blogs a week. We always wanted to come back but we didn’t want to do so with just the same old stuff so we thought we would come up with something new.

We have always loved film music hear at Forty Third Minute productions and so we thought it would be fun to write about some of our favorite pieces from film, tv and games that we think you should hear.

Kicking us off is a piece of music that has be used in a couple of films firstly “The Crimson Wing:Mystery of the Flamingo” and most recently in the Steven and Jane Hawkin’s  Biopic “The Theory of Everything”  and it was written by the aptly named “The Cinematic Orchestra”

The Piece

The piece is call “Arrival of the Bird and Transformation” and it really is beautiful. it’s soft start builds into a rousing string melody that feels like it is taking you on a journey. it was written to repsent the arrival of the flamigos in The Crimson Wing and it really does cunjour up that mental image of a flock of birds arriving.

The Composer

The Cinematic Orchestra is a British nu-jazz and electronic music group, created in 1999 by Jason Swinscoe. They have had three studio albums to date “Motion”, “Every Day” and “Ma Fluer”. in between there albums they have created sound tracks for films with one of there most interesting projects to date being the sound track that created for the 1929 silent documentary “Man with a Movie Camera”.

Other Recommended listening

The Cinematic Orchestras third studio album Ma Fleur is something you should definitely have a listen to. One of the stand out tracks from the album “To Build a Home” has been used many times in both TV and Film and whilst it is a great song the rest of the album is well worth checking out.

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