Score on Sunday – Ballad of the Goddess – Koji Kondo

score on sunday

Welcome back to the Score on Sunday. We here at Forty Third Minute Productions have decided that this week we will take a step away from film music and bring you something from the gaming world. We have decided to go for a track from a game that was very divisive on its release and gamers are still arguing weather or not it was a good game. We for sure think it was a great game and we are big fans of the series. We are of course speaking of Skyward Sword from the legend of Zelda franchise.

The Piece

We have settled on “The Ballad of the Goddess” for this week’s piece. It is used many time throughout but during the 25th anniversary concert it can be broken down into too many sections. The first being a solo harp playing the melody before it drops away and a full orchestra takes over for the rest of the piece changing the melody from a soft beautiful harp piece to a full blown rousing orchestra piece.


The Composer

Koji Kondo is one of the most famous composers in the gaming world. He first started composing for Nintendo back in 1984 on titles such as Punch Out and Devil World. He still composes for Nintendo for this day and has created some of the most iconic music in gaming history. If you are a gamer then at some point you will have heard one of his pieces of music for sure.


Further Listening.

Nothing is better than hearing some of your favourite pieces of gaming music played live. So if you are a Nintendo fan or a Zelda fan or even just a fan of great music you should check out the Legend of Zelda 25th anniversary concert it will make your day.


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