Score on Sunday – Once There was a Hushpuppy – Benh Zeitlin and Dan Romer

score on sunday

Welcome back to the Score on Sunday. We have been suffering at the hands of some pretty chilly weather here and we wanted to take this opportunity to bring a little bit of summer your way. The piece we have chosen for this week is something just a little bit special and is sure to brighten up any cold day.

The Piece

This week we have chosen “Once there was a Hush Puppy” from the wonderful “Beasts of the Southern Wilds”. Now we know that not everyone loved Beast of the Southern Wild. Even within our own crew we were pretty much split right down the middle about what we thought of it. There was however one thing that we could all agree on and that was that this track is awesome.

This piece is both uplifting and moving at the same time. It captures that idea of trying to find your place in the world whilst also showing that even the smallest voice can make a big noise.

The Composer

This piece was written by Dan Romer and Benh Zeitlin for Beasts of the Southern Wild which Benh also co-wrote and directed. Benh created Court 13 which is a New Orleans collective of Artists, Film makers and Musicians with a clear purpose to create adventurous art. This is where Dan and Ben Worked on both their first short film together “Glory at Sea” and “Beasts of the Southern Wild” both of which went onto have great success on the film festival circuit.

Further Listening/Viewing.

Please check out the complete sound track for both Beasts of the Southern Wild and Glory at Sea as well as getting yourselves a copy of both films to check out. As we said at the beginning of this blog if you are needing a little bit of sunshine in your life and summer is a long way off then these films are a good place to start.

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