Asha’s Yoga and Healing Studio

Asha's Yoga and Healing Studio - Artwork

Asha Yoga and Healing Studio

Straight after University we landed out first big Corporate Video job. It was with a company called Asha’s Yoga and Healing studio run by Asha Rani . The whole process for the project took just over three months from first introduction to the final product being handed in.

We first me Asha in her studio and it became clear very quickly that this was going to be a fun and interesting first job for a number of reasons. The first and most notable of which was that we needed to experiences some of the classes that Asha’s offered before we could get started.

We tried a few of the classes but the most interesting one was the Energy Healing in which Asha would help us to recover from both physical and mental pain and it was fascinating.

After we had taken the classes Asha invited us for dinner and we discussed what we were going to producer for Asha and when. We settled on creating six short documentary/promotion videos that would each cover one of the six treatments Asha offers.

We were to shoot the whole thing over the course of one day with Asha holding a class with some of here local clients who agreed to feature in the video. The day would be broken up into six sections one for each treatment or class with time also for filming testimonials about the studio.

We filmed using a Canon 7D and a Z7. The Z7 was set up to make sure that we captured all of the action whilst the 7D was used to make sure that we got all of the detail we needed for each class and all of the cut away’s.

When the filming was finished we quickly edited and handed in the project to Asha who still uses the videos to this day to promote her company.

Asha’s Yoga and Healing Studio – Energy Healing

Asha’s Yoga and Healing Studio – Energy Massage

Asha’s Yoga and Healing Studio – Indian Head Massage 

Asha Yoga and Healing Studio – Yoga Classes

Asha’s Yoga and Healing Studio – One to One Yoga

Asha’s Yoga and Healing Studio – Meditation



Asha’s Yoga and Healing Studio – Official Website

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