Forest Fires – Meet The Band

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Forest Fires – Meet The Band

Forest Fires Meet the Band was our first long shoot away from base. At the beginning of 2013 we went up to Aberdeen to spend a week living with the band at a recording studio that was located just outside the city. We were there to capture the recording of there then new EP Animatronics that would go onto win the band a Scottish Alternative Music Award.

Forest Fires Meet The Band - Band member Scott BruceIt was an exciting week to say the least. The band were on to form both musically and behind the scenes and as this was all happening on the east coast of Scotland in the middle of winter it was no surprise that at multiple points throughout the week we were almost stranded by large snow storms.

Throughout the week we conducted interviews with each of the band members to talk about the recording of the new EP but more importantly to talk about how they got into music in the first place. The responses we got to those questions were really interesting and varied.

Some band members talked about how they weren’t into music when they were growing up but had become interested in music after they were given and instrument. Some talked about how they hand learnt how to play their favourite albums in full and that’s how they taught themselves to play. One even talked about how music had impacted his live from a very young age as he grew up surrounded by music and his dad’s old record collection.
It was interesting to hear how each of the band members had by music through out there lives and it became the most interesting part of what they were filming. So in the end we produced four EP Diaries about each of the band members and how they experienced the recording process but we also produced one longer cut video about the band themselves and how they got into music.


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