Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival 2012/2013

SMAFF Cover Picture

Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival  2012/2013


SMAFF Advert – 2013 – Reality Project

Our second project with SMAFF was to take us down a different path as the theme for the 2013 festival was “questioning reality” and it was decided that the video would be made up of collected creative commons videos.

We could really go anywhere with we wanted with the project but the only stipulation was that you needed to feel like it was an out of body experience. We sent a good while looking through old films, TV clips and adverts to find footage that had the right feel for the festival. The first film that we found that really cemented the ideas for the film was an old scratch film version of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. We used the concept of going down the rabbit hole as our structure to the video building up a collection of strange and fantastical images to complete the video. This video went down a storm with the people at SMAFF and we are looking forward to working with them again.


SMAFF Advert – 2012 – Walk In there Shoes Project

We have enjoyed a recurring relationship with the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival (SMAFF) for two years now. We got involved when the festival posted an advert asking for people to come up with a concept for their 2012 advert campaign. The festival was to have a theme that was based around the concept of walking in the shoes of someone who had mental health issues.

We submitted our concept for the piece and within a week we got a call from the festivals director giving us the job the only condition was that it needed to be shot, edited and ready to be submitted to the cinemas within one week. We rose to the challenge and completed the advert with time too spare. SMAFF were very happy with the results and it was great to see the film up on the big screen at the end of all that hard work.


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