Sergio Sergio – Meet The Band

Sergio Sergio - Meet The Band


 Sergio Sergio – Meet the Band

Sometimes a job comes out of the blue and needs to be started and almost finished straight away and that was the case the with the Sergio Sergio – Meet the Band Video. The band were fast approaching there debut EP release and realised that they didn’t have any videos or anything they could share in order to get people excited about the launch of their EP.
They only had one rehearsal left before there launch show and so it was really now or never. We went down to a local Glasgow recording studio where the band had a small studio booked. We didn’t have much of a plan so a large part of the shoot was done completely randomly with us just picking up what we thought we needed.

Not having a plan sometimes leads to the more fun and creative shooting environments. This was one of those times as recently we had bought a mountable bleacher light for the top of our 7D and we decided that we would put all other lights off in the studio and only use the bleacher to record a performance of the band.

That performance would go onto form the start of the promotional video. The rest of the video was made up of Chris “Tank” talking about each of the band members individually. The mixture of funny stories and performance shots created using a verity of styles made for an interesting short intro to the band. Even if it was unplanned.



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