images 2Forty Third Minute Productions is the creation of Jemma Cairns and Peter J Stewart. It is a production company that works in a lot of different areas including promotional videos, music videos, performance videos and our own original short films.

Forty Third Minute Review Show:

We see a lot of movies here at Forty Third Minute Productions so we decided to start making a review show to talk about what we think of all the films we see. Check out the link above to see our achieved reviews, our specials and our monthly playlists of the latest movie releases.

The Name:

The Name Forty Third Minute Productions comes from an odd converstation about trying to think up a name. The conversation lead to a combination of our ages at the time 22 and 21 and the fact we were running late to the cinema thus: Forty Third Minute.


Peter and Jemma met at University whilst studying music and film and discovered that that they worked extrememly well together and decided to take a shot at building  production company. Peter is the half of the team that is seen most often as he graces the camera with his presence during the Review Show. Jemma is more of a quiet, behind the camera type (except when they are driving home after seeing a film and arguing over what they should grade it).




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