Born By Wires – Jokes and Consequences (2014 version)

Born By Wires Jokes and Convequences Cover Photo

Born By Wires – Jokes and Consequences (2014 version)

This was the very first music videos we here at Forty Third Minute Productions ever made. We were working with Sarah Beth Brown who is the creator of the local Glasgow experimental band Born By Wires. Not only was this our first video but it was also the first video that Born By Wires had, had made.

Kevin Grove Amphitheatre   We decided to shoot in the old abandoned Kelvin Grove Amphitheatre (Pictured Left) before it was refurbished in 2014. The location fit well with the concept for the video which was to create a story of a camera crew who had gone into a forest to investigate the stories scared locals had been telling about a mysterious masked cult. The video was going to focus on the point where the camera crew witnesses one of there own being converted into one of the cult members.

Since this was our first music video shoot we were still finding out feet and so we put a call out to our friends and some friends of friends to try and pull together all of the pieces we needed for the video.

We couldn’t of asked for a more perfect day everyone who turned up was really excited and wanted to help. We shot for around about four hours and with that we were finished. It was great fun all working together and finding our feet as music video makers.

A couple of years later we found the project files for the project and decided to update it. We always wanted the video to feel like it was a really old found footage project and when it was originally made we lacked the expertise to fully create the look that we wanted for it when it was first made. However now a couple of years later we knew exactly what we needed to do to complete the project. So we hope you enjoy our 2014 re-edit of the Born By Wires – Jokes and Consequences music video.


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