Crew Projects

So from time to time we are called out on jobs that are run by another company. We have a verity of skills that we can offer and have completed a two different jobs in two very different positions.

Song of Return – Torn – Black Ash Media.

Position – Dolly operator.

Suspire – Dodo’s Gentle Giant Productions.

Position – DIT/ Runner.

This was a fantastic shoot in one of the most interesting places in Glasgow, The Govan Hill Baths. The Baths had not been in use for around ten years and but was being looked after by a charity. Despite the charities intervention the building was in disrepair but that meant it was a fantastic place to shoot this music video.

The jist of the video was a small boy aging rapidly he walked through the abandoned pool area. We started the two day shoot working with a small boy of only three years old. He did a great job but being so you the majority of our planned shoot time was take up with his section which in reality was a very small part of the overall video but it was well worth having.

the rest of the shoot flew with each new incarnation of the main character bring something new to the part whilst the venue was an every changing and exciting place to behold.


Miniature Dinosaurs – Alligators – Directed by Dan Morgan

Position – Second AD

This project was our first outing into crewing up another persons shoot and Peter Stewart took on the role of second AD. The shoot was fairly straight forward and only lasted around twelve hours. Saying that they hadn’t done anything by half employing a fool costume and makeup department and a full AD team and runner team. It was a great team building environment.


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