Forest First – Culture Shock (Fonix Remix)

Forest Fires Culture Shock Remix

Forest First – Culture Shock (Fonix Remix)

The Culture Shock Remix video was an interesting one to take on. This Music Video Production was to be made up of images and videos collected from all over the internet. They content of the video was to match the political themes that are present in the song.  Instead of the video just being a random collection of politcally motivated images we decided that it should follow a certain path and tell the story of our time.
The general layout for the video is as follows: State of politics in this country, over consumption, recession, austerity and the austerity riots. We spent around a week looking for all the images and videos that would make up the main body of the video  and then a futher week putting the video together.
After the video was completed we had a launch night for the single and the remix. The video was very well recieved and people praised the band for trying something different with there music. The music even got featured on the NME video website

NME Screen grab showcasing the title for the culture shock video

We didn’t want to make a political stance with this video nor did the band want to impose there on there listeners. All we wanted to achieve was to paint a picture of the difficulties that the world is facing today. It was important to us the we try and have as many voices in the video as possible to try and convay a fair and balanced statement without leaving out any of the parties involved.




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