Poison Pen Project – God is in the Rain/ Revolutionary

Poison Pen Project - God is in the Rain/Revolutionary

Poison Pen Project – God is in the Rain/ Revolutionary


God is in the rain

God is in the Rain is one of two experimental videos we have made here at Forty Third Minute Productions. It was also a chance for us to try out some of our new equipment as we had recently purchased a Canon 7D. We also happened to be going through a season of unusually heavy downpours and decided that it would be a good opportunity to try to capture some of this strong weather.

The whole video was shot over the course of a couple of weeks filming at different times of the day and night to try to capture the real force and beauty of the rain. As for the title of the music video it is not anything religious but is actually a line taken from V for Vendetta which we felt had a particular resonance and poignancy and so inspired this video.


Revolutionary was the second experimental video we produced it was to explore the nature of time manipulation and hyper contrast to elevate a simple video to something a little bit more special. For the time manipulation sections were created to attempt to create fluctuation  in the timing of the video whilst maintain the syncing of the video.

The reason for the hyper contrast side of the video was inspired by a short film that had pushed the balance and contrast a film to its maximum potential meaning that the film was mainly made of pure white and pure black tones. We wanted to see if it could work for this video to try and create a look of a moving revolutionary poster like the Che Guevara or Andre the Giant posters.


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