Sergio Sergio – I am the Moon

meet the band

When working with a band to come up with a music video concept it is all about compromise and the bigger the band the bigger the compromise. That is normally the case however when we were coming up with the idea for the I am the Moon music video there were only a couple of ideas being banded about and in the end we settled on a combination of most of them.

It ended up being a mix between a twilight zone episode and an erotic french movie (That is a politer way of putting it than it was originally put ). We took on the role of create the story that would fit to that concept. Eventually we came up with a story that had two parallel lines. One in the present and one in the past. It revolve around a troubled relationship in which a man is tormented by his partner who is a destructive influence on his life.

I the present we would see and argument take place after the couple have sex that results in the man throwing the women out of the house. We would see flashback all through out this argument to scenes in which the women has tormented the man in various aspects of his life. The whole point in the video was to be like and anti love story with a little bit of the twilight zone feel thrown in for good measure.

To give the piece a surreal tone all of the flash backs had the couple in normal day to day scenarios. Like playing computer games and having a cup of tea but have the in full evening wear and use dream like lighting to showcase the the fallibility of memory and to leave the viewer question weather or not the events actually happened.





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