Suspire – Moon Shine

Suspire moonshine cover photo

Suspire – Moon Shine

We have know Suspire for many years and have been a keen follower of there work. So at the beginning of this year we were excited to get the chance to work with them. We had a very limited budget and wanted to make the best and most fun video we could when working with limited funds.

We had recently purchased a new pop up green screen and we decided that we could use that to try and elevate the project. The basic layout of the video is, The band takes a drink of some Moonshine and are taken on a magical journey out of there placements and away into space and they were going to do all of that without even needing to leave the house.

Clare Duffin infront of green screen - Suspire Moon Shine Video ShootWe did the whole shoot in the living room of two of the band members Clare and Paul Duffin. the picture on the left shows the set up we had. We recorded each of the band members giving four different performances. The first was just a normal straight to camera performance of the song from each of the band members. The second was a tripping out performances where they wouldn’t sing but just look like they were having a great time. The third was a half speed performance and the fourth was a double speed performance.

The final video was made up of a multi cam edit done of all four of the different performances after they had been processed. We just then added in and overlay to give it a dreamy green tint and all of the different backgrounds we needed were added in to complete the overall adventure of the video.


“Working with Pete from Forty Third Minute on our music video for ‘Moonshine’ was a lot of fun. We were dealt with in a highly professional manner; received our edit within the agreed time – and generally felt we were in good hands. We would definitely recommend Forty Third Minute and look forward to working with Pete again in the future”

Clare Duffin – Suspire


Suspire Website








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