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Live music is something we are passionate about here at Forty Third Minute Productions and we thought what better way to show case that passion than going out a shooting and editing some live shows.

Peter Stewart had already been working with a local Glasgow group called One Creative TV whose goal it was to showcase some of the best undiscovered music Glasgow had to offer. After a while working with the group on each of the shoots Peter took over the editing process for each of the shows and so a link between Forty Third Minute Productions and One Creative TV was made. From then on the shot videos all over Glasgow in some of the city’s most exciting up and coming venues like The Toll House Studios (Now Closed)The Roxy 171 and the Glad Café.

Emma’s Imagination

We also worked with the staff at the University of the West of Scotland to create a showcase for their Music Technology course. Two local acoustic acts took to the stage at the universities union and we heard and exiting mix of Glasgow Folk and Deep South country.
UWS Music Technology Showcase 2012

Christopher Price – John the Revelator

We not only shoot live music videos but also have turned our hands to filming theater as well. We recently worked with the Tramway in Glasgow to make a film of their performance of the Red Shoes a short fifteen minute play.

The Red Shoes

This job was unlike anything we had ever done before and are unlikely to do again not because we don’t want to but because it was such a rarity. We got the call that a small production company working out of the Tram Way in Glasgow were putting together a performance of their show The Red Shoes. The show was to serve as a teaser to a later version of the show which was to come out at Christmas.

In our mind filming a performance of a play was something very straight forward and simple to capture. However this was no normal play. This play was a moving play that filled the entirety of a giant hall and not only that but the crowd when viewing the play would follow it around the room.

This changed the complexity of the entire shoot but we here at Forty Third Minute Productions do love a challenge and it was nothing we couldn’t rise to. We had recently bought a new mount for our 7D that worked as a stabilizing rig for the camera.

The play was to last 15 minutes and be performed six times. The aim of the video was to try and capture the whole performance in one shot and to try and have minimal editing in done to it afterwards. It was an exciting day and a really interesting project to work on.

In the end the performance video did need to be edited slightly but that was just to give the piece a little more variety and a bit more pace.

For information regarding our costing structure please get in contact with us via our email address or give us a ring between the hours of 9am and 5pm.






One thought on “Live Productions

  1. Well filmed, technically challenging for single shooter. not entirely sure about the play itself, I’ll be honest, understood it’s message, not sure how effective its execution. JS

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