One Creative TV


One Creative TV is an online TV program that seeks to highlight some of the best undiscovered talent in and around Glasgow. It started in 2010 and most recently it has set up events in The Roxy 171 and The Glad Cafe. We at Forty Third Minute Productions work with One Creative TV in order to put together the footage from their performance nights. Please follow the links below to see each of performance nights.

The Glad Cafe

The Glad Cafe is a small performance venue on the south side of Glasgow. One Creative TV shot two band performances from Suspire and Lori McTear.

Suspire – Sunrise (Beautiful)

Lori McTear

Suspire – Salvation Sister

The Roxy 171

The Roxy 171 is a venue on Great Western Road in Glasgow which has a great little stage in the basement.One Creative TV and Forty Third Minute Productions filmed three performances featuring Brian Cunningham, Robbie Macinnes and Frances Thorburn

Frances Thorburn – I Don’t wanna Sleep Tonight

Robbie Macinnes – Night Watchman

Brian Cunningham



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