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Coming Soon

We have a lot of exciting projects in the works here at Forty Third Minute Production. Please see the descriptions below to see what is coming up.

Concrete and Flowers

This short film, based in Glasgow, directed by James Price and up and coming local director. Follows a young troubled man as he makes his way across Glasgow. This piece is all about the journey and the time we spend with the main character. When it starts we don’t like him very much but as the piece moves on we feel for him and understand his struggle. This is a deep and powerful film set against the back drop of Glasgow and we are very privileged to be editing it for James.

Fall Of Ash

this is something entirely different and new for us as it is a post-apocalyptic graphic novel and a short film combined. We started working with Simon King an artist from Glasgow to put together the beginnings of a graphic novel which will work as a prologue to the main story and will be used and the basis for a kick-starter campaign that will hopefully lead to us being able to complete the project.

Accompanying the comic will be a short film that will focus on a story from the same world but focusing on a different set of characters but will highlight how the event impacted an adverse group of friends. This short will also be used to help the kick starter project.


This is a short film that we are hoping to make with the Glasgow Film Crew. It is a short script that has a small amount of Sci Fi elements about a man receiving a mysterious package one morning. We wanted to make a short film that we could probably film in a day and have it put together really quickly and have it be a lot of fun for everyone.

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