The Four Birds of the World

The Four Birds of the World

The Four Bird of the World is a collection of short films that highlight some of the best genres of film from around the planet. The project was completed as part of the final year project of Peter J Stewart and was done so to highlight his love of film but also his skills in production work.

Please see below for all four films and a trailer highlighting all the work.

The Soul Bird Cover Image

The Soul Bird is an adapted version of Sri Chinmoys poem of the same title. In this version a young girl is imprisoned but dreams of being free. The films trys to capture the light and dark sides of cinema of Bangladesh.

The Daily Ku cover Image

The Daily Ku is an original story which tells the tale of a young criminal who’s life is judged in a building known as “The Daily Ku”. The idea is taken from how a Haiku is meant to sum up what you see in a day so “The Daily Ku” is a place where your life is summed up and depending on the person that can be a good or a bad thing!

The Blue Bird Cover Image

The Blue Bird is a visual adaptation of Charles Bukowski’s poem of the same title, it was made as part of a collection of films which highlight four genres of cinema from around the planet and in this case American Independent cinema.

Daedalus Cover Image

Daedalus is a adaptation of Alastair Reid’s poem of the same title. It is a dark look into how a family deal with a teenager with autism.


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